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Telstra TV Possibly Hacked? Not secure

Yesterday we were using the Telstra TV and we were interrupted by someone mirroring their Android device onto our Telstra TV.


The area name shown on the Android device was in a different location, and you could see what they were doing on their phone - does this mean the security of the Telstra TV is compromised?


Our router is secure and there are no new devices connected which means this connection is remote.


This means with someone potentially connecting to our Telstra TV remotely they could use our Telstra TV account and hire movies etc.


Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Telstra call yesterday said this was not possible however we experienced this multiple times.

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Re: Telstra TV Possibly Hacked? Not secure

Any one connecting to your Telstra TV can only mirror there devices screen. They can not change any settings on your TV or purchase any movies. They were probably trying to mirror there screen to there TV but selected yours by mistake.


You can prevent this occurring in the future going to settings > System > Screen > Mirroring Mode and setting to  "Never Allow" or "Prompt"


You can go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Connect Device and disable Device connect.




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Re: Telstra TV Possibly Hacked? Not secure

Noone could possibly connect to this by a mistake as noone connected to our Telstra TV has a android device. Actually the only device with the Telstra TV application is my iPhone and we don't have any android applications in our house.


What I'm saying  is if someone is connected to our Telstra TV they will have access to our account.


You're right they did mirror their devices screen, however this was done remotely.


We were not able to take control of Telstra TV while this was happening. The settings are already on Never Allow or Prompt for mirroring.

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