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Transferring to NBN

Hi we are already customers of Telstra Broadband and Fixed Telephone Line services. Our existing internet connection is by cable.

We are due to transfer to NBN before 15 January 2021 and I wanted to discuss some things about the forthcoming NBN transfer.

Our NBN will be FTTC and it appears that we will no longer be able to use the existing internet cable connection.

My first query concerns the NBN setup process in that is it correct to say that if we continue with Telstra as the provider we will not only require a Telstra Smart Modem but also a NBN connection box both of which will need to be plugged into our existing landline phone connection inside the house?

We live in a two storey house where the telephone first enters the house upstairs so is this where both the modem and the connection box must be located together?

If we continue with Telstra as our telephone provider do we need new telephone handsets when moving over to the NBN (we currently have a ‘desk’ T1000s upstairs and a wall mounted T1000s downstairs)?

After transferring to the NBN what happens to the existing cable connection wired into our house?

Any help you can give will be most appreciated.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Transferring to NBN

The Telstra Cable connection will become redundant.

FTTC uses the copper phone connection.


The best connection to use for FTTC is the main point (where it first enters the house), but you could use any existing phone point (you may want to get a cabler to run new cable to a single outlet if you have a problem with the connection).


If you want to continue using the home phone service (with any provider), you will need the NBN Connection box and then another modem (a Telstra Modem in Telstra's case).


You can still use your T1000s units, but as the phones plug into the modem, you will need to get some rewiring done so that you can connect to both. (ie a patch panel next to the modem that runs to outlets next to the phones).


The existing cable connection usually stays attached to the house. NBN Co or Telstra usually doesn't remove it. It will most likely get removed at some time in the future.

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