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Valid or Scam?

 I keep getting an email from "Telstra" advising: 

Dear Telstra Customer,

Our attempt to debit your nominated credit card for the bill on

your account was unsuccessful.

the error message we received from your credit card

provider was. Pick-up card ( code 044 ).

What should i do?
Please update your default payment card to continue your membership. Just follow the steps below:

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Re: Valid or Scam?

All my bills are paid up, even since getting these continual emails.

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Re: Valid or Scam?

There are links in the email (in blue or some other colour) to do as the email asks?  Hover over those (on a PC at least) and don't click.. read what is in the box that pops up down below..  if it doesn't look like a valid Telstra link, to a valid Telstra site, then it is likely to be a phishing scam..  so delete it or follow this link to find out how to report it..



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Valid or Scam?

The main clue to the fact that it is a scam is the opening line "Dear Telstra Customer".

Telstra knows your name and will address you by it.


Also, you don't have a Telstra "Membership"

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