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where are my mails on bigpond server

Recently my outlook could not receive/send any emails.  Telstra tech came to rescue.  Few days later, my inbox from march 20 to 24/5/21 was wiped out. then my mails on my outlook pre 24/5 have disappeared too so have all my mails on the server.

i used imap, so i was so confused. 

rang telstra 9/6 who said they would ring me back. still nothing.




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Re: where are my mails on bigpond server

Are you only checking your bigpond email on one device? If there is more than one and they all are configured for IMAP then check the settings, on all devices, for the account in Outlook - especially the sync settings.. IMAP synchronises all devices using the account, so if you delete on one, it deletes on all for example..

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: where are my mails on bigpond server

When you say that your emails have disappeared on the server, have you confirmed that by logging into Telstra WebMail?.

If they are missing from the server, please copy your emails in the Inbox in Outlook to another folder before you do a synchronisation. (You don’t want to lose them)

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