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Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

I have an account/ re-charge issue with Boost. All tech and complaints for Boost are handled by Telstra. The problem has been ongoing since 2 May '21. No-one in Tech has been able to fix the issue. Finally sent on-line complaint form 8 July. Case manager called 12 July and took details. He never got back to me. I subsequently learnt that on 14 July, just 2 days after his only call, he had changed the status of my case from "Open" to "Withdrawn" stating that I had declined assistance.

He was not available when I rang, and neither he nor his team leader phoned back as requested.

28 July I wrote online to complaints asking for a new case manager. No-one replied.

16 Aug I rang complaints and asked for a new case manager. Was told someone would contact me within 24hours. After 48 hours no-one had, so I rang back only to learn that the new case manager had only just been assigned.

She repeatedly did not call at the times arranged by reception and was never available when I called.

I finally got to talk to this 2nd case manager on 28 Aug. She did not know most of the history of the case, and didn't know I'd had a previous case manager.

She made a specific time to call me back, then didn't. She rang 4.5hours later and left a message for me to call. No apology.

1/9 I rang. She was unavailable. I made 2 new possible times for her to call that day or next. She didn't call.

2/9 I rang. She was unavailable I made 2 new window of time for her or her Team Leader to call that day or the next. She didn't call then, but rang at 6.03pm 1/9 and left a message for me to call. I rang back at 6.07pm only to find reception closed.

3/9 She rang (not in the window I'd given) and said my case had been escalated to the Team Leader who would call me in 24-48 business hours.

7 Sep 5pm the team leader had not called. So I wrote again to Complaints, asking for the team leader to phone me.

8 Sep Telstra sms'd me re this complaint. This new person said they would ring me next weekend with updates and resolution. She refused to phone and speak directly with me. when I asked in the text conversation she told me she was a new case manager and needed to investigate my case before phoning, and this would take 3-5 business days.  She then notified the previous case manager to call me.

This is going round in circles.

The problem is ongoing.

The service beyond appalling.




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Re: Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

So, if you had lodged a complaint on the 8th July 2021, and it hadn't been resolved (and minimal response from the Boost complaints team), why didn't you lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman by early August?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

Hey Blue-sky, 

Perhaps we can help. If you could please send me a PM with the case number I will have this investigated.

Thank you.

- Ryan

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Re: Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

Telstra‘s complaint process is not working and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to fix it. In my experience the case managers are in Philippines and dealing with their own COVID issues. The case management is very frustrating and poorly coordinated and managed. The case managers seem to try to do their best, but the system is very poor and Telstra needs to put in a new complaints process or continue to lose customers. 

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Re: Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

Thanks Ryan,




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Re: Why does Telstra not follow it's own Complaints Handling Process?

Raise a complaint with the Ombudsman

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