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Why won’t anyone call me back from Telstra ?

What do I have to do to speak to someone about switching my CaBLE to NBN? I went to one of your stores and had to laugh that you turned them into a wanky Apple store style of shop where i need to make an appointment . Really ? If lack of customer service like the dumbarse bar at Apple was your goal I say bravo you’ve achieved it .What tosser came up with that idea.

The guy before me wanted a SIM card  and was asked to sit down and will get help. I wanted to switch over to NBN which would take just as long but was told one hour wait. What? Are you joking? I’ve tried too many times to recall to get someone to call me from your website and to no avail . Who do I need to buy dinner for to get a call ?

My number for the 100th time is <Removed for Privacy>

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Re: Why won’t anyone call me back from Telstra ?

Hey Bruno 

I have asked for the moderators to remove your number, as a public forum it is best to not include person details when posting on CrowdSupport. 

the stores will often use that to firstly allow them to meet any local requirements for contact tracing, to manage their ratios in store and to ensure that they are helping people in the order. 

As an alternative, and an option that is often quicker for changing like that or quick changes is you can also visit partners, like a local dealer (where one is in your area) or a national dealer like JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys who as dealers can do all the same things as a normal T Store and sometimes actually have even better special offers in store that you can only get from them. 

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