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Wifi signal/ SSID not found

I got a Gen 2 router and it can not be found by two of my devices. other five devices are working ok. Airtouch 2- AC controller and a Samsung mobile phone are not finding the Wifi. Tried in may ways but no success, talked to AC controller provider, they suggested to check the 2.4GHz with the modem. I am guessing this is the issue with the modem. as those devices were completely ok with the old modem.

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Level 20: Director

Re: Wifi signal/ SSID not found

Hi - if you haven't done so yet, suggest to disable Bandsteering on 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi screen and Save. You should now see two SSIDs, your original one which is 2.4Ghz and a new one with same SSID with a _5G extension. If you can't connect your 2.4 ghz devices, try resetting them or 'forget network or disconnect' before fresh connection attempt. If you have a Technicolor DJA0231 modem with firmware 18.1.c.0443-950-RA, that may be the cause of the problem, the successive firmware RB addressed some 2.4 connectivity issues with iPhone 11s..

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