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Wotz going on?

I keep getting calls from 0402 492 280, a mobile registered to Optus, that diverts to a recording claiming to be from Telstra and advising that my landline is being disconnect because of the NBN.


I've a letter somewhere from Telstra years ago advising me that my copper landline will never be disconnected being part of that 1% who, it seems, despite living less than 80 km from the centre of a Capital City will never be serviced in anyway by the NBN.


Given a choice I would of course love to be connected an any way to the NBN.  If anyone has a creative idea how I might achieve this I would really appreciate hearing it; pleas to politicians, activists and above have rendered nothing. 

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Re: Wotz going on?

Hello, you have 2 issues,

1. The calls you received are 99.9% sure from scammers.

2. If you want fast internet, it would be good if you have mobile coverage so you could use Telstra mobile broadband.

If you can provide more information, possibly there might be other suggestions.

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I'm not a Telstra employee.
50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. Expert in current Telstra Go repeaters & smart antennas.
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Support Team

Re: Wotz going on?

Hi Bazmax. This is 100% a scam call. 

We do what we can to block & stop scam callers, but as we're not a law enforcement agency & the majority of scam calls come from overseas using number spoofing, it can be hard to stop them entirely. If you continue to get them, please chat to our "Unwelcomed Calls" team on 1800805996. 

You can find some more useful info here on how to handle these calls You can report this to the Aust. Communications & Media Authority here: ACMA 

We have a printable PDF document here on how to tell if it is really Telstra calling you. We also have more info here on how what to do if you get a scam call

Finally, you can also report this via the "Misuse of Telstra Service" form

These steps are the best way to reduce these calls.

In regards to migrating to NBN, you can see how this works here: "Moving to the nbn | What you need to know" -;

Then you can place an order online here This will go through and tell you what technology type you can get, and then what plan you want, and submit your order. Our NBN team will then contact you via phone or email with further details and confirm the connection timeframe and arrange a modem to be sent out for self installation or a technician visit if needed. 


Let me know how you go.  


Regards - Tom


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