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Implement Country Code Blocking

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Implement Country Code Blocking

After Telstra has now announced the end of their product “Telstra Mobile Protect” which assisted in blocking whole country codes among other features, I would like to suggest the implementation of that same feature into the Telstra app on iOS and Android devices. “Robocalls” or “nuisance calls” are becoming more frequent each day and in particular these crooks are routing calls through third world countries where they are hanging up within seconds. Presumably to get you to redial in which your bill gets a nice increase for no gain.


what options do I have?


1) third party call blocking app

- no iOS app provides a way to block whole country codes (all calls starting with +41 for example).


2) turn on iOS silence unknown callers

- a stupid option considering a lot of the legitimate government agencies call on private numbers or various ranges of numbers and you don’t want them being blocked.

3) Block the caller using built in iPhone block caller

- these robocall people aren’t idiots, they might call using the same number twice however after that the number is burnt and they’ve moved on to another so the call block you’ve made is now pointless.


Come on Telstra, bring the functionality to your customers and let us choose who we want calls from.. we deserve that surely??


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