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Information about smart modem backup use

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Information about smart modem backup use



I just received an email, after receiving a text, informing me that my internet speed had been slowed as I had been using the mobile internet for too long, and that I was informed repeatedly (which I have not been) to switch back to the normal NBN. I was obviously unaware that this had been occurring, or that it was a process for which I had any control. As I understand it, the mobile backup is just that, a backup for when the regular network was unavailable. As such, it would also only be used when the NBN was not available, and would switch back when it was. Apparently, it is assumed that people would deliberately utilise the mobile network over the NBN? And that this was a deliberate act on my behalf.

I would not be so annoyed by this, if it weren’t for the fact that I wasn’t made aware at any point before today, that I was even utilising this backup. And that the insinuation that I was behind this product / system failure and was in a position to resolve this.

I instead spent 3 hours today, either going through the various online help systems and online messaging, for which I spent over an hour with no progress, before spending nearly an hour and a half on the phone, because at least that way I was given a timeframe (beyond the automatic text reply of ‘shortly’).

TLDR: inform customers early about the use of the backup (preferably in email or SMS), and then again about it’s ongoing use, so that they can take action (where they can - preferably with links to how to do this) earlier, before they are informed that their internet is slowed due to their ‘inaction’.

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i've had exactly the same problem. after waiting almost 2 hours on hold i gave up.

i think the ombudsman is my only solution.