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Telstra 24/7 chat records to be accessible via My Account

Looking Into It
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Telstra 24/7 chat records to be accessible via My Account

I'd like to request that Telstra have the facility where if you have a 24/7 Chat with Telstra while logged in to your account that the past discussions be accessible via our My Account page.  Maybe not all but say the last 6 months.  While I try and remember to keep/save a copy of all discussions I have, it would be beneficial for all if those discussions could be accessible via My Account.



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hey that's a damn good idea.
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They could also have an orders section as well to track orders being processed on that account

Support Team
Support Team

Hi GregW,

Thanks for getting in touch

I too love this idea, at this stage though it’s not a feasible option.

Bear in mind that right now you can get an emailed copy of each chat & you can file it in your email mailbox to look back on.


In regards to the order idea, we’re one step ahead of you, & yes you can track your order online here


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Thanks Angela


I certainly hope the idea can be added to the short term To Do list.  Emails get lost, deleted etc too easily, hence linking it to our My Account would be far better for both us and you.


Re tracking order is ok if you know the order number.  Having it linked to our My Accounts would be far better.



Support Team
Support Team

Thanks for the follow-up info on this GregW.


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @GregW,


Sorry it has been a while since you heard from us. I have reached out to the My Account development team to see if this is something we could possibly implement in the future. As soon as I hear back, I will update you. 

Thanks for your suggestion, and keep the ideas coming. Smiley Happy 

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Cheers for the update Smiley Happy
Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Looking Into It
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How is the 'looking into it' going?

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Any updates yet?