Managing Private Messages - Community Feature Highlight

Support Team
Support Team

When seeking assistance or helping others on CrowdSupport you may need to send or read/respond to a private message from time to time. Here is a quick and easy run down of how to access our private messaging function.

Private Message User

Click on the screen name / username and it will take you to their profile.


On a desktop or laptop the private message option appears within the contact me options on the right hand side.



On a mobile device you will find a send private message button at the top of the screen.



View Private Messages

On a desktop or laptop you will see an envelope icon in the top right corner. This is your inbox & will contain any private messages you receive via CrowdSupport.



On a mobile device you will find your inbox in the hamburger menu. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left and then scroll down and tap the messages option.



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Hi I am a telstra windows phone customer.  unable to login or access afl live.


Please let me know how.

Just Registered

hi- im having the same issue as most people above me

I am telstra mobile customer who wishes to use my afl live subsciption on my Surface