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Accepted Solutions on CrowdSupport

CrowdSupport is all about prodiving our members with a platform to help each other find solutions to questions about Telstra products and share ideas. Often, visitors come seeking answers to questions that have previously been answered by our members.

This is where the Accepted Solutions feature comes in.

Solutions are a way for members who have asked a question to choose the reply that best answers their question, which recognises helpful contributors in our community and helps others with a similar questions find the answer. This is because Accepted Solutions will appear higher in search results.


Posts with a solution also have a little green tick icon it's easy to see which posts have a solution already.

How do I mark a message as a solution?
Solutions can only be marked by the member who started the thread or community moderators. So, if you've posted a question to a forum, you can choose the reply that best answers your question by marking it as an Accepted Solution.

To mark a message as a solution on the bottom right of the post you will see three buttons. Simply click the button at the bottom right of the post.

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