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Mobile Insider – FAQs



The Mobile Insider program is where we select users from our digital communities to submit product reviews of a new release handset. We send Mobile Insiders a new handset, and the Mobile Insiders provide us with in-depth reviews on the Crowdsupport forum and their personal social media accounts. As a reward for supporting our digital community with an honest review, you get to keep the brand new device.


Looking for Mobile Insiders


When a new handset is released the first thing we want to know about it is what our Telstra customers think about it. After all, reviews of new handsets are all over the Internet, but reviews are always best when they come from people just like you.


So, when we get our hands on a new handset, we start looking for two people to be our Mobile Insiders. We post a callout on CrowdSupport and on our social media accounts asking for people to register their interest.


We search for people who will provide insightful accounts of their experiences with this new product. We don’t look for cheerleaders because the reviews don’t have to be 100% positive; rather we look for someone who is capable of delivering a fair, considerate and engaging review.


If you love talking tech and sharing your opinions on CrowdSupport and social media then you are the kind of person we want. Not a tech genius? Doesn’t matter! We’re looking for all kinds of opinions – from beginners to experts.


What helps my chances of getting picked?


You need to be a Telstra customer.


Being an active and engaged member of the CrowdSupport forums will improve your chances of being invited to take part. The more you interact with us the more we'll notice you.


If you have an active presence on another social media site like Twitter, this will also be taken into consideration.


We might also come up with some kind of challenge for you. If there’s a challenge to be met, we will let you know in the callout.


What do I have to do once I have the device?


You will need to use the handset consistently and describe your experiences on CrowdSupport and on social media, answer community member's questions, express your opinions clearly, post photos, and generally provide an in-depth review for a period of two weeks. If you think consistently posting about your adventures with a new handset over a fortnight might be difficult for you, consider this before applying.


The products are yours to keep after the review period.



What else do I need to know?


If you have applied before, you will be in consideration for all future Mobile Insiders.


We will let you know if we’d like you to participate by communicating with you directly.


We will announce the Mobile Insiders for each round on CrowdSupport once they have agreed to take part.

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