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What Do Community Ranks Mean?

Member Ranking

CrowdSupport is here to facilitate conversation between members, with the aim of making it easier to find solutions to customer questions. For this reason, our rank structure has a Detective theme for the Solution-Sleuths among us. To make it easier to understand, we have also added levels to the ranks so you can instantly see how ranks relate to each other.


The first 20 ranks are progressively more difficult to achieve and are based on Posts, Kudos and Solutions. Users who reach Rank 5 or above will also gain access to use an uploaded profile picture rather than the ones provided.


We have also included 5 Legend ranks, which are levels 21-25, and these are exponentially harder to attain to challenge even the most active contributors. To give you a rough idea, it is over 30x harder to get to rank 25 as it is to get to rank 20!


Telstra Rankings

To differentiate official staff on the forum, you may also see members with a custom rank and a little Telstra logo. These members are representing Telstra on the forum.


Note: For assistance on CrowdSupport, please refer to the Community Managers or Moderators.


 Telstra Thought LeaderCommunity Manager

  • Community Managers are the highest point of authority on CrowdSupport.
  • ashliem and DanK are responsible for managing the community.



  • Moderators are your first point of contact for all queries in relation to moderation on the site.
  • They also serve as an escalation point if you are unhappy with any member or interaction in the community.
  • It is suggested to use the "Report Inappropriate Content" option on the post in question to get the first available moderator.



Support Team & Technical Support

  • Official representatives who are here to assist customers in finding solutions where the community was unable to help.


 Telstra Thought Leader Telstra Thought Leader

  • These are individuals who work in specific, non-customer facing roles and provide insight on a range of Telstra issues specific to their area of expertise.
  • Thought Leaders participate on CrowdSupport as an extension to their role, so please don't expect a response from them. Usually they will be called in by the Moderators or the Community Managers to provide specialised answers on a range of topics, or they may just pop in for a causal "hello".


  Telstra Public Affairs Telstra Product & Service Team

  • These individuals manage various Telstra Products and Services, however they may not be customer facing.
  • These are the guys who decide what ends up being put on the shelves, how phones and other equipment get tested, services we offer and other products.
  • They participate on the forums but aren't dedicated CrowdSupport resources, so don't expect a quick reply. They could be busy testing the next iPhone, running the next Windows Phone through its paces, or having meetings about what products to sell.
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