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$2K+ data charge?

Three months ago, I replaced my old iPhone 3G with a Samsung Galaxy s3 LTE. As I had found a $30 member month plan adedquate for the past 3-4 years, I expected to be able to continue to exist on that plan. From month to month I have incurred a small charge over and above the $30 allowance but that has always been manageable until now.


On Wednesday evening, I received my latest Telstra invoice and found to my horror that I had incurred a $2200-odd PAYG data charge. There had been no change to my usual usage pattern over the biling period, as I do not use my phone for web-browsing and the only internet usage is occasional download of data for weather reports etc. The only exception was that I did finally sit down and load a few apps from the Google plan. I was cautious to ensure that I had connected to my WiFi before doing so and certainly, the phone display indicated that downloads were proceeding via WiFi. In fact, my WiFi is permanently connected to the mobile whenever I am at home.


What appears to have happened though is that I unknowingly also left the Mobile Data setting switched on and according to the Telstra overseas based technical consultant I finally reached on 132200, in that situation, your average smartphone will download on both WiFi and 4G.  That sounds a little odd to me but then, I have no alternative explanation as to why after years of monthly data usage of no more than a few MBytes, in this most recent billing period, I appear to have consumed 1.2 GByte! What really hurts is that if this is so, I am paying Telstra twice for the same data usage, once through my normal 3G internet plan that feeds my WiFi and then through my mobile plan and the latter at the crippling $2 per MByte rate.


The billing department overseas representative kindly offered me a 30% credit, which I accepted, but that still leaves me to find the other $1560. Needless to say, I immediately added a 1 GB Data pack to my plan. I figure that even if I do not use anywhere near that amount each month, it will be good insurance against an inadvertent 3G or 4G connection driven unexpected data slug. Sadly though, I didn't know I had used the data in time to apply a data pack during the billing period in question.


I have since read about the concerns that the iPhone 4 IOS might have a bug that sees it  consuming data allowance. Does anybody have experience of similar problems with Android?


Alternatively, has anybody else experienced my particular problem of inadvertent 3G data usage while also using WiFi and what if any action can I now take to have my case reviewed. 132200 only gets me to the call center operators who can only apply their manuals and assure me that the charges are legitimate and that they cannot vary my account beyond the 30% credit they have now applied.



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Re: $2K+ data charge?

Are you currently overseas with your Telstra phone? If so you'll need a international data pack applied.
I'm surprised that you was never running with a data pack while using the iPhone.. As pay as you go at $2per meg is outrageous anyway.

With the activation with LTE only a few minutes of mismanagement can get you in trouble. Geelong Victoria is currently ay 92Mbs which is just crazy speeds.


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Re: $2K+ data charge?

Thanks Dave.


No, not overseas. I'm currently in Canberra although I live in rural Tassie. I have managed without a data pack thus far because all of my needs have been met by my two other 3G services, one in the house and the second a pre-paid that I use with my laptop when away from home. I have WiFi on each of those, so normally have little need for data access for the phone.


Thinking back, I am fairly confident that the biggest contributor was my downloading my aviation navigation app, which has a large map data package at its heart. It is a big download and I had at least four unsuccessful attempts to download it all, when it kept timing out, before finally succeeding. That by itself could explain virtually all the 1.2GByte, I suspect.


In all, a very expensive lesson.



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Re: $2K+ data charge?

Just to close out this thread, I can report that the excess data usage was indeed the result of unsuccessful attempts to download the map database I suspected. Once I worked out how to get my phone to divulge its data usage log, It clearly shows multiple attempts on 3 June to download, all of which timed out. I can only assume that WiFi also suffered failures that day, causing the phone to switch to 3G to attempt to complete the task.


All those attempts came to nothing except the massive excess data bill., but I managed to complete the download via WiFi a few days later.


The good nerws though is that after examining the logs and my history, Telstra have waived the $2K excess data charge. I am greatly relieved, as you might imagine.

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Re: $2K+ data charge?

I have a post paid plan with Telstra with I Phone 6s with 8gb data.

I am supposed to pay $110.00 every month, but I get bills like $450.00 / month. some times more or less

When I enquired, I was told that it was automatic data usage, the system was automaticall adding
data packs to my plan as I used my 8 gb.

I requested them to TURN AUTO DATA ADD on OFF, they said to me they do not have this feature, and
I will have to pay the bill, I have no choice and for future bills they can't turn it off.
I believe Telstra is hypocrite and make their clients pay way more than what they agree on.
They just want to take your money whithout giving you much choice.

I am sure many more people are facing the same isssues and this is UNFAIR to the consumers.
I want everyone to come together for a Classs action againt Telstra for this sort of fradunent and unfair
business practice. They unfairly charge people for services like auto data add on, Telstra Tv, and many
more craps.

We need all the victims to come together to go to ACCC and start an investigation and take a class action.


Note: Telstra might delete my comment by the time you get to it (:

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: $2K+ data charge?

Hi monir,

I have responded to your other post about this here:


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