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$30 PrePaid Value

So last night I purchased a $30 prepaid recharge. With all the extra data.. I did my usual surfing through the net. Closed it up and went to bed. Woke up today to find ALL my extra data + credit had ran out. Where's the value?
I purchased another $30 recharge, went to work. Did the usual over smoko & lunch time. Came home to relax and chat away and another text comes though telling me my data has almost ran out.
No I don't download, no I don't stream videos unless connected to wifi. I've followed the hints & tips, background app refresh is off aswell as notifications. I also switch off mobile data when I'm not using it as I have a iphone6.
It's mainly Facebook, snapchat and browsing of Google. I'm really tempted to go back to Vodafone where one $30 would last me a fortnight!

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Re: $30 PrePaid Value

Maybe there is something wrong at the Telstra 'usage recording' end.  Despite it being the Digital Age - I keep a written list (in my Mobile 'Notes') of my remaining Mobile and Bigpond data every morning - using the Telstra app with my morning cup of tea.

Fairly obsessive and 'old school' but it works for me.

Yes, other suppliers give more data for $30 but I go for reliabilty.  So far OK.

Good luck.

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Re: $30 PrePaid Value

Facebook and Snapchat are fairly media intensive. Google can also be a data hog depending on what you are looking at. I am not sure how you would manage keeping under the data limits with those small recharge amounts. As per the comment above, Vodaphone probably gives you more data and a slower connection and that’s why it has been lasting longer.

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