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4G pocket wi fi ultimate not recognised by devices

Last year I purchased a prepaid 4G pocket Wi Fi ultimate to provide extra data whilst travelling and it worked fine to connect to my iphone5, ipad and laptop. It still has quite a bit of paid data left on it and I checked it with a Telstra shop and theysaid it should work fine still but that I needed a new sim card as it had not been activated for a few months. However when I have gone to use it my devices donot recognise the WiFi network code on it or the password to be able to connect to it and use the data. I had thought that it may have meant that the Wifi needed to be reactivated, set this up again but it still didn't work. I then got on to a Telstra support agent online who thought it was that the sim card needed to be reactivated so tried that but it still did not work. Any ideas where, how and why the disconnect may be  happeneing and what to do about it. I am loathe to go into a Telstra shop again or go through it with another telstra chat as this did not solve the problem last time as they did not seem to be familiar with the device.

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