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4G pocket wifi - checking usage

Hi, I recently got a 4G wifi and it's working fine.

However, I am getting very frustrated trying to check my usage.

The (unhelpful) manual tells me to log on to http://m.home and click on the My Data Usage link in the top right.

When I do this it takes me to the Telstra - Account Services page where I have to log in again to check usage, except the user name and password provided for http://m.home doesn't work here.  So, if I try to register to access account services, it asks me for the account number or mobile number.  But since this is a wifi pocket, I don't have a phone number for it (or if there is a phone number associated with the sim card inside, I don't know what it is), and I was not given an account number.


What should I do???

Thanks in advance

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Support Team

Re: 4G pocket wifi - checking usage

Hi poor_knight,


Welcome to CrowdSupport Smiley Happy


Have a chat to us here (24hrs): http://tel.st/49kl and we can help with account number and service number (mobile number) for you. 

Once you have those details you will be able to register, and then log into your My Account here: http://tel.st/cpyn to easily check usage Smiley Happy

Keep in mind, if you also have a Telstra mobile service, you can check all usage for all your Telstra services on the 24x7 app.



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