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Abnormally high mobile data usage



I am an iPhone 7 user, and have been using iPhones for years and have been very good about managing my data usage. I received a text saying I was 85% through my GB allowance, and one hour later I got a text saying I was at 100%, even though I was at home and connected to WiFi. Looking at my data usage for this period, it's been abnormally high this week, especially one day that showed me using 8GB. I was at work most of that day (where I connect to work wifi) and then at home when again it showed me connected to WiFi (when I did use it to stream video). Is it possible that even though it shows me connected to WiFi it's using mobile data instead? Is there any other reason I could have used so much data so quickly, even though I am connected to WiFi almost all day?


I have since restricted the mobile data usage to force the use of WiFi, but I still have 20 days left in this cycle and am looking to understand what could have happened, or if there could be an error on Telstra's end?


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Re: Abnormally high mobile data usage

Do you have Wifi Assist enabled?

When you look at your mobile usage by application do you see one which has unusually high usage?

It's under Settings -> Mobile
Scroll down and look at the usage figures under various apps.

You can also disable mobile data on a per app basis, and reset the counter, to better manage mobile data usage.
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