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Add one-off data packs for postpaid plans

Currently when you are going to go over your included data usage in a month, you can add additional data packs to your account.


BUT.... they are added as monthly subscriptions, meaning that you will get charged both for this month and then the next month in advance on your bill when it gets issued.  This then means phone calls / chats with customer support explaining that you don't actually need the data pack in the next month (at least not yet), and then you have to wait for the credit to appear on your next bill, yada yada, its a massive hassle that doesn't need to be there.


I would imagine most people have fairly regular data usage, and they set their accounts accordingly, but from time to time they travel or something and end up using more of their mobile data than in a typical month, but would then go back to their typical usage the next month.


What would be AMAZING would be if there were an option to just add an extra 3GB, 5GB, 8GB (or 15GB to be honest) to my data usage FOR THIS MONTH ONLY. No subscription, no need to call up and cancel (which by the way costs you money in support hours and customer frustrations). I pay for it in the month that I go over, and then things return to normal after that.  Hell, even charge me a small premium over the monthly charge for it if you want to get greedy - a couple of bucks will be worth the no-hassle of not having to cancel it.


Please make it happen!


Also you'd get bonus points if I could convert a 1GB for $10 charge into one of the above one-off packs, but having the data packs is more important than being able to convert.

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