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Adding data packs at end of month

Hi guys,

My billing period ends in a couple of days (12-03-15), if I add a data pack now will it be added to my account immediately for use? And will I be charged the full amount for the pack in my forthcoming bill even though it'll only have a few days of use?


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Re: Adding data packs at end of month

Hey ambs,


I've done this a couple of times myself. The pack will be "pro-rata" charged, which basically means the price will be a fraction of the price. However, the data itself is not pro-rata, you will recieve the full data allowance.


If you cancel the pack partway through your next cycle, it will be charged pro-rata, but your data allowance will be reset and returned to the original allowance.


Here are some examples

1GB plan, 100% used.

$15 (1GB) data pack added

3/30*15 = $1.50

Allowance: 2GB, usage 50%.


Pack removed after 6 days:

6/30 = $3.00

Allowance: 1GB, usage 0%.

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