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Being charged $10 a gig instead of capping at 1.5

When I signed up for a plan with Telstra I was told after exceeding my data limit I would have unlimited data at a capped speed 1.5mps, since going over I am now receiving texts saying my speed will only cap after using 10 1gig blocks of data at $10 a gig, is there a way to fix this it feels like a straight con artist trick. $100 for 10 gig when I pay $65 a month and get $60 gig Telstra are plain thieves.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Being charged $10 a gig instead of capping at 1.5

I thought they stopped sending those messages out in March.


They are usually in error, or do you have a mobile broadband device as well? They didn't identify which service they were referring to very well in the messages.


If you are on one of the plans that was introduced since July 2019, then you can ignore the message. Your speeds will be capped at 1.5Mbps. If you are on one of the plans that had the option of 1GB for $10 or capped speeds, then you need to change it to capped speeds if possible.


Use the My Telstra app and look a the details of your plan. It will tell you what happens when you use up your data allowance.

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