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Bonus (Covid-19) 25GB extra data per service

Hello All,

I have an interesting issue that's arisen since my last bonus 25GB Covid Data was added to my business services (2 x Mobile Broadband and 2 x Mobile Phones). I have had two previous allocations added to my data pool, each time a 100GB bonus without issue. But this time, a few days ago when my billing cycle commenced, I applied for the bonus data for the third time, that being 25gb per service, so 100gb in total, now this time, it got added to my pool but it was added immediately as used, so my current entitlement in my data pool is 415GB, so it went to 515GB, but straight away, on the Telstra usage app, I had used exactly 100GB of data, interesting it was used as soon as the bonus data was added. So, Telstra have been pushing everyone to used there 24x7 app to communicate with them for issues and other things, well let me start by saying that the people working the 'chat' service are completely incompetent, after trying to explain in simple words what the issue was, over a two day period and with many different chat people, all they could say is check your devices, you have used 25% of your data....no kidding, this is why I contacted them...now, to put this in perspective, one of my mobile data services SIM card is actually not even in a device, but its used 25GB at the time the bonus 25GB data was added... also, if I go to my online services and look at all of the data session usages for each service since my billing cycle started, adding them all up, the actual data usage lines up with my firewall device traffic counters and is exactly 100GB less than the default Telstra usage calculator says...so Telstra have an issue, but there is no one smart enough at Telstra to listen and understand the problem, the facts are available to them in the same place I got the data usage.....so, if there are any smart Telstra people reading this post, please help me.

Regards 'frustrated' Steve

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