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Broadband Shaping Speeds

I recently upgraded to an unlimited broadband plan, after exceeding my 200 GB data for the month and exhausting the three free top ups. I upgraded on Friday 7 June.
It is now Tuesday 11 June. I am not able to connect; modem is working perfectly fine and numerous tests conducted by Telstra representatives (both via chat and over the phone) are showing no issues.
I suspect that it may be a shaping issue, based on some similar stories I’ve seen in the crowd support forum.
How can I get this addressed when no one from Telstra is identifying that as the issue or even considering it when I bring it up? I have 9 days left on the billing cycle and I would like to have internet access during that time, rather than have it magically reinstated once the new cycle starts.
Thanks for any help or insight.

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Re: Broadband Shaping Speeds

What speed are you currently getting?
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Re: Broadband Shaping Speeds

Hi @Julie-Incognita


Just checking back in to see how you went and if you need any further help or support?


- Stef

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