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Call History Request and Complaint

Hello Telstra,


Back in mid November I tried to download my call history for the past 2 years to provide supporting evidence for a Spousal Visa application. After failing to find the data I needed I contacted Telstra and followed their phone menu as an existing customer needing assistance. The phone menu has an automated message stating that Telstra cannot accept my call and directs me to raise the conversation online via the Telstra app. As I wanted to speak to a person I called back again and this time followed the phone menu as an existing customer wanting to purchase additional services for my account, my call was answered in less than 5 minutes.


I was advised that the data I needed had to be requested using an online form on the Telstra website, I have submitted this form three times, each time a message appears advising the submission was successful and I would hear back within 5 business days. To date no one has got back to me and this has delayed the submission of the Visa application significantly.


I raised a complaint to Telstra and was advised someone from the complaints department would contact me, I was called once and they were unable to assist me and wanted to keep me on the phone for a significant duration while they attempted to contact the department that could apparently help me obtain the information I needed.


I have had three call backs from the complaints department since then, on each occasion they let the call ring for less than 3 seconds and then hang up. I believe this is an attempt to appear to be trying to resolve my issue and then blame me for not answering which is not the case. Each time I start a chat online they tell me a complaint is already raised and to wait, I have been waiting since mid November and still no resolution.


I have raised a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman, ref# 2021/01/02398 and I have multiple calls with Telstra; 05000269/05147665/03907542. I have been a customer of Telstra for over a decade and during that time I have endured problem after problem arising from poor customer service (review my account history for further information), my bill has been in credit throughout that entire time.


The impression I have is that Telstra has the worst customer service of any Telco, they do not care at all about existing customers and they make any interaction with them as painful and convoluted as possible. I am determined to obtain the data I need and intend to close all of my accounts immediately after I get this data. Can someone at Telstra please help me so that my Visa application is not delayed any further?


I have kept this short, I could go in to minute detail about how bad my experience has been but that would be a thesis length document I assure you. I have spent more than 15 hours in the past 30-40 days trying to get this simple piece of information with no luck and my experience has been so disgusting it is beyond the pail.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Call History Request and Complaint

Hi jfrey, this isn't good to hear at all. It is correct that to obtain those details that are more than 12 months old, that it needs to be requested via this page https://tel.st/yxsux


There is an approximate wait time on this of 30 business days. Have you received an email with a quote for obtaining this data at all as yet?

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