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Data Usage more then quadripled in 4 days!

I'm highly pissed off and ready to swap from Telstra! I've had this prepaid plan for maybe 2 years now yet recently Telstra with the COVID pandemic have become money hungry theifs. I usually top up $40 a month which gives me 20gb of data which lasts me the month easy as I use wifi to do everything except when out and about. Since this COVID pandemic started I have gone from $40 a month to need to recharge almost weekly just to make my data last as the Telstra NBN crapped out (switching to a much more reliable provider at the moment) however it looks like with the way my phone is eating data I will need to recharge in 2 days after recharge less then 3 days ago. My data usage was around 48mbs a day previously now it is closer to 3gb yet I'm doing nothing. Just typing this I have gone through 780mb of data. PLEASE EXPLAIN. 

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