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Disappearing data

I had a prepaid plan where I would use up to 6gb a month and when using my phone a lot maybe 12gb. I switched to post paid 60gb would not even last 20 days. On one particular day I apparently used 12gb whilst doing a 10hr day at work. This is equivalent to 12hrs of he Netflix but I don't even have a streaming service and most you tube videos are only 480p meaning I should of been able to stream25hrs non stop or 12hrs of 750p. Of which I defiantly did neither. All Telstra will say is I left data on and background apps used this up. Considering most Australians cannot do basic maths they probably get away with these non sensical excuses and if you can do basic maths then they will talk you in circles to frustrate you into giving up. Just pay for more data they say. To pay out phone and move away from 36mths of dodgy data readings is unfortunately the smartest option.

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