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Downloading -data usage

I never have excess usage. on the 3rd of August I received a text stating 50percent usage. on the 14th 85 percent.then on the 15th 100 percent pay an extra $10. on the 20th pay an extra dollars. on the 24th pay an extra ten dollars. and again on the 24 pay an extra ten dollars, can someone tell me what the hell is going on 

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Re: Downloading -data usage


Can you please tell us:

What type of phone are you using? (make and model - i.e. Galaxy S8+)
If it is an Android or iOS device, can you please go into your settings and mobile data and can you check firstly where it says the data is being used (it typically will break it down by app so you can see what is using the most data, and secondly can you please check that Wi-Fi Assist/Smart Network/Network Assistance is turned off (it can be listed under different names but those are the three I have seen most recently).

If Wi-Fi Assist (or applicable name for the equivalent feature) is turned on then your device will either revert to mobile data when on Wi-Fi if it feels it would be faster or will combine the power of the two to again boost the speed and feel of the connection. This can be great for getting things done quickly or for people in say the US where they have unlimited mobile data plans but it can mean higher usage than expected.

If you can tell us where the data is being used and the device details we would hopefully be able to help find ways to limit that continuing.

As far the extra data that you have already encountered it typically would be considered valid, but if it is the first time you could try and see if they will agree to waive some of it as a good will gesture... the worst they would say is no.
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