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Excess Data Charges vs Data Pack

I'm about 10% off filling my monthly data usage and have another 28 days to go in the month.  Telstra cut off our internet access by mistake (we're in the process of moving) so we're using my iPhone as a modem - hence the unusual high data usage in such a short time.  We expect the internet will be accessible in about 2 weeks once we have relocated.


What I want to know is how much does Telstra charge for excess data usage?


Would I be better off purchasing a 3GB or whatever data pack to get us through the month?



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Re: Excess Data Charges vs Data Pack

Would depend if your on the old pack or new or $0.10per MB or $0.03per MB. Mobile data is expensive and the way you're chewing through it I wouldn't be surprised you're already over as sometimes it can take 1-2days to get the final count.

In answer to you're question, yes in my mind you're better off purchasing/upgrading your pack. As far as I'm aware you'd be under no contractual obligation and can revert back to a lower but currently available data pack (most cases you can't go back to your old pack as potentially it's been granfarthered)


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