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Excess Mobile Data Usage Charges

I checked my mobile data usage on Wedneday and it was at 49% with 15 days remaining which was quite high for me its usally at that at the end of the month. On the same day I also switched from Iphone 4 to Galaxy Note 2. I went onto Telstra Chat on the Thursday morning to querie this percentage as when i looked up the usage my session times were in excess of 20hrs and most of which was when I was connected to my wifi at home. They said to turn off mobile data whilst at home because even though Im connected via wifi its still downloading data or something along those lines. 1.5hrs later my usage percentage was at 90% and I hadnt used the phone. This time I phoned Telstra in a panic and they assured me it would be looked at when my billing period was over and not worry and to keep turning off my mobile data when home and if im only checking FB and emails when not connected to wifi everything should be fine. Well on Friday (today) my percentage is at 139% again I havent used the phone for fear. Again I phoned Telstra and was assured it will all be sorted on my next bill.


After reading alot of similar problems and a notice saying that we simply werent billed for some sites last year and it was corrected in December so now we are all having higher data usage charges when doing nothing new simply because we are now getting charged for thess sites. If this is the case where was the notification to your customer about this error. I have had my mobile with Telstra for 2 years (I also have every other possible service with Telstra so I am a loyal customer) and not once have I ever gone over my usage or even used 90% of my data usage yet in basically a couple of days im at 139%. Yes I have been reassured multiple times that this will be credited back upon investigation at the end of my billing period but until I see it I wont feel comfortable.


Although strangely enough my ipad has only used 18% data so I am now using it rather then the mobile for any FB and Email checking. Its data usage is not going up rapidly so the explanation about now getting charged for sites doesnt fit.

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Re: Excess Mobile Data Usage Charges

If you are on Wifi, your device should (as standard) switch all packet data to the WiFi connection in preference over your 3G/4G connection.


Has your total usage inclusion dropped by any chance?




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Re: Excess Mobile Data Usage Charges

My usage inclusions have stayed the same.


I was informed by numerous Telstra representatives that you need to turn off mobile data when connected to Wifi as it will still use data.


I have been using my Ipad for all internet usage instead now and I am no where near my usage allowence so the other explanation about now being charged for secure sites doesnt explain the massive increase. I am hoping that Telstra honour their promise to credit bac.k all excess charges in my next bill as it is clearly not me using it excessively otherwise my Ipad data would be the same

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Re: Excess Mobile Data Usage Charges

I don't see why we should have to switch cell data off while using wifi.  I know that the iPhone is designed to switch all data packs to wifi when its detected/authorised.  To me it sounds like Telstra have NO clue as to why this is happening recently as I to am suffering the same fate!  I've been given extra data but that doesn't solve the problem.  I have even swapped the phone for a new one at apple and changed my sim just in case however am still suffering the same high rates of data than I used to use.


Telstra give us more data for free or FIX the damn problem!



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Re: Excess Mobile Data Usage Charges

I had this problem too. If you go into Safari App on your iPhone and open Bookmarks, if there are multiple Bookmark Bar folders, then that is what is causing your iPhone to constantly try to sync to iCloud resulting in battery drain, overheating and excess cellular data charges on Telstra network.

The solution is:
1. iTunes > backup iPhone
2. download clean bookmarks.db file from web (search discussion forums - someone has provided Dropbox link to download this file - should only be about 4kb in size. My corrupted bookmarks.db file on my iPhone was 4MB in size)
3. download and install free trial of iBackupBot for Mac or PC
4. In iBackupBot App > Import > clean bookmarks.db file into latest backup you created in step 1.
5. iBackupBot > restore to iPhone

Telstra and Apple can't or won't admit to this, but It's a straightforward fix. Took me all of 5 minutes to get my iPhone under control after putting up with this for the past few months. Happily Telstra has waived my $500 excess data fee on my last bill!

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