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Excessive Data Usage

I have recently changed over from Optus and my mobile internet usage has apparently more than doubled since joining telstra when my usage habits are less now that I have wifi at home and work.
I don't have any data to support this like other complaints have but I am experiencing the same sort of issues.

I've also been closing down apps Etc when not using.

Exactly the same thing is happening to ALL my friends who have Telstra mobile too.

I NEVER get disgruntled about anything but I am in this case!

What's going on Telstra??? Seems to me like a systematic way you're screwing over customers... The fact that you have the telstra 24/7 app doesn't help either.. All that does is tell me I've used up my data in a few days and let's me know I need to BUY a data pack.

Will definately go back to Optus.

Disgruntled Telstra customer.

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Re: Excessive Data Usage

Hi Yeoda1984

This is a common issue when accessing faster speeds, especially on the 4G network. What happens is that with the faster speed, you download more in the same amount of time that you previously did on 3G. You can turn off 4G in your settings, where you can also turn of Cellular Data when not required. Another good trick, if you haven't done so already, is to turn App Updates to manual which stops them happening automatically. Many App's update information in the background and closing them down as you stated is a great way to limit this. 


It also depends on what operating system you are using. Have you recently changed phones or upgraded to the latest version of OS available? 


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Re: Excessive Data Usage



What handset are you using? Most offer a way to see the breakdown of apps using data. Telstra has some guides here:




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Re: Excessive Data Usage



How often do we hear the same complaint about mobile data?  The main issue is that all the data updates are buried in user options on your mobile handset and the default settings are not in your data favour, if you get my drift.  Getting to the bottom of where you are sucking data from the network on your mobile is not obvious and I sympathise.  I am paying for three teenagers' mobile phones and controlling their data usage is close to an impossible task.


Have you considered asking Telstra to turn off data access at the mobile network level and rely on free wifi options at work and in public spaces?  In the current environment, it would mean you are paying for data you cannot/will not use.  This is annoying.


Why doesn't Telstra, or any other Telco for that matter, offer voice/sms only (ie no data) mobile sim options to customers?


Such an offering would have to be cheaper than the voice/text/data bundles currently on offer without diminishing the ability to access mobile data where wifi is available.


I cannot be the first person to think of this as a possible marketing opportunity.  Should the Telecommunications Ombudsman be insisting all Telco groups offer data-free mobile options?


What do you think?


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