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Extra Data packs

Hi son 20 is on a Go Mobile $70 plan and I've tried to block automatic extra data packs from being added.....unsuccessfully apparently. Getting so frustrated..1 chap said they could do it, next one said they could and reimbursed me for charges, next time no couldn't block it, can only restrict it....What the heck do I do since it's an automatic refill so to speak. No joy with 24-7 chat today for over an hour, escalate it and get a call finally only to be cut off and no call back. And please don't say the 20 year old should be aware when he's getting to the 100% usage...that's my whole point....I want the extra data to stop not the phone usage...HELP

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Re: Extra Data packs

Short answer is it's either that, or I believe if it is taken off (which is very rare for this to occur) then it reverts to a per MB charge (which is a lot more expensive)

The automatic data top ups is stated in the terms and conditions for the service.
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