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Finding the device that's using up monthly data



Over the past few months, I've been going through my 50Gb monthly ADSL2 limit which I've never done before.  I have a lot of devices connected including a new XBox One we didn't have before.  Does anyone know how you can track what data devices are using eg Apple Mac, Apple TV, XBox One?  I know you can do it on iPads and phones but not sure what's the equivalent on XBox or Apple TV.  I'm really trying to find out what's started chewing up the data.  I've checked that only devices that are mine are connected to the network too.  


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Finding the device that's using up monthly data

I recently purchased an XBOX One and I can tell you, they chew through a lot of data.

Just installing Halo Master Chief, from the disc, downloads an 'update' of almost 20GB. Installing Forza 5, from disc, downloaded an 'update' of 18GB.

Also, by default it goes into a 'sleep' mode where it is still on in the background, even when you turn it off, and will download updates etc while in this mode.
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