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*FIXED* Facebook Chewing Data After Live Stream had already ended.

Recent issue with mobile data running HAM and the fix.

*If you are experiencing a similar issue to the below, get onto it before the charges land and identify what is causing the usage, efficiency is key!*

What happened:

I’m on a 60GB plan and was recently shocked to hit my 50% 85% and 100% all within a week. Previous months have consistently clocked in around 30-35gb’s p/m over a 6m period. While being alarmed at how fast my iPhone X was using data in this particular month, I started to monitor which app was causing the damage in Settings-Mobile-Reset statistics at the bottom and watch your apps update with data used. By this point, I’m now up to 19gb worth of data packs in addition to my 60GB plan! Yikes for this bill, I fear.

The rogue app turned out to be Facebook. It had just used over 3GB in as little as 10 minutes while the app was only open in the background (I wasn’t even scrolling the timeline or watching vids etc). All other apps seemed to be using data at a regular rate.

The Fix:

By deleting the app (and all documents and data associated), reinstalling the app and signing back in, I watched the apps data usage return promptly to a normal rate (20mb over a minute of scrolling and watching a few clips).

Now for my data pack issue. I raised a complaint and it was dutifully resolved with a pre-bill credit placed to avoid the charges even landing all within 2-3 days. See below for resolution confirmation email:

“You were concerned that:

You are receiving notifications that you are being charged $10.00 for an extra 1GB for going over your mobile data allowance
I've confirmed that:

We’ve confirmed that most of your data usage is coming from general browsing hence, extra charges are not coming from software or application updates
We’ve also confirmed that total excess charges is $190.00 that will show up on your upcoming statement however,
As discussed, we will cover the charges for you as a once of adjustment and your upcoming statement should just show your normal charges which is $159.00”

‘How did you get the credit?’

I’ve never really needed to raise a complaint before and haven’t ever asked for a credit, which will have played into my favour. But the overall experience was very efficient and had a positive outcome. As I had already established and fixed the route cause there was no need to worry about repeat outcomes. My gut feeling is that after doing a live stream a few days earlier, Facebook somehow left something going in the back end even though I had ended the stream at the time. Deleting the app must’ve cleared the issue.

Phew *Wipes brow*

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