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Google Photos chewed through my data on iPhone

I have an iPhone 6S +, and put it onto the beta of iOS 11 a few weeks ago. I'd had the iOS11 beta running on the iPad for a few months without issues so thought I would give it a try.

Last week my mobile data started getting chewed through at an unbelievable rate - 8GB in the space of 2-3 days. Most of that was auto top-ups of 1GB. When it started happening I went through all the apps that tend to use data and turned 'use mobile data' off, but it was still happening. I then worked out how to reset data usage statistics in settings, and then knew I would be able to work out which app was doing it if it started happening again.

Then, last week in a matter of 30 minutes I chewed through 2GB, so I opened settings and it was Google Photos that had chewed through that in mobile uploads. I then turned off mobile data for Google Photos, so that it wouldn't be able to use any mobile data for uploading or viewing.

The issue is - I had always had mobile data for uploads turned off for Google Photos. There are different settings for it - in the app there is a setting to use mobile data for back ups, and I have always had this turned off. In the iOS settings there is another level, where I could turn off mobile data for Google Photos completely. With that turned on, viewing would still be possible, but uploading new photos would not be. Now I have turned everything off my data allowance should be OK, except that I'm going to be up for $60 or more in top ups.


This is the question though, because I think it could be the fault of Google Photos to have been uploading my photos using mobile data when I had the feature turned off. Or it could be something to do with the beta iOS not working correctly with Google Photos, so maybe it is Apple's fault. It definitely isn't Telstra's fault, because it only provided the data service, not the iOS or app that didn't properly obey the settings that I had turned on/off. But Telstra is going to be charging me for the excess data. 


So, are we in a new era of consumer relations where it is either Google or Apple that has caused this issue, and I will not have recourse because they aren't providing me the service where I am getting hit in the wallet? Or is there somehow that I can ask Google or Apple to fix me up for the data charges?


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Re: Google Photos chewed through my data on iPhone

You can ask Apple for restitution, but I don't like your luck. Typically, if you load a beta of an OS, it is going to reset your settings on your apps as it is not in the usual upgrade mode (which normally wouldn't change your settings).

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Google Photos chewed through my data on iPhone



Welcome to CrowdSupport.


I'm sorry to hear about your situation, however I am glad that you were able to identify the cause.


One of the issues with Beta Software (either developer versions, or public versions) is that it is very prone to bugs which can cause issues like those you've experienced, along with a host of other issues that have been known to stop certain things from working entirely, or in extreme cases, "Brick" devices so they are no longer operational at all.

There might also be an issue being generated if the Google Photo's App was not updated with support for iOS11, meaning that it might very well have ignored settings that it usually wouldn't have.


In this instance, I also don't like your chances with asking Apple about this either. Apple are very clear about their Beta Software and ensuring that people don't put this on a device that they require for day-to-day use, or if they do, it's done at owners risk.

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