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High data use using hotspot

I am using a Samsung s4 Mini with Telstra prepaid Freedom plus $30 plan.

Recently I turned on the mobile hotspot feature for the first time and connected to my new Smart TV for the first time to see what it offers.

As it was the first time the internet had been activated on the TV it wanted to update the software which I allowed as I had spare data to use up. 

I then reconnected an hour or so later to look through the offerings on the TV. I played a couple of minutes of a YouTube video then turned off again.

A little later I connected again and watched about 10 minutes of ABC iView.

When I checked the data use later that night I found my little exploration had used 450Mb for the update and 1.25Gb for each of the two other connections to the TV. A total of about 3Gb for 30 minutes of connection time or 100mb per minute.

As iView claims to only use about 5Mb per minute I am wondering what was using up the rest of the data and if this is usual when connecting to TV with the hotspot 


Can anyone advise?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: High data use using hotspot

Hey Colou,


Welcome to Crowd Support Smiley Happy


I can appreciate your concerns with the amount of data that has registered when you have been using the mobile device for the connection to your Smart TV and do apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you Smiley Sad 


The amount of usage that is recorded will be dependent on the quality of the stream that you are using. The higher the quality then the more data that will be used when accessing such sites as You Tube and even ABC iView. Are you able to access your TV settings for each app and see what is listed as the quality you have selected for the streaming of the service? Please do let us know what you can see is listed for these apps?

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