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How do I link my service to My Telstra?

First let me start by congratulating you, Telstra, for surpassing in every single way I could imagine just how poor customer service can get. I have just wasted hours of my valuable time trying to find a way to speak to an actual person and have failed. It is embarrassing just how terrible your service has become.

Back on point. I registered for a mobile 4G BYO plan around 2 months ago. After getting setup, I quickly tried to figure out how to monitor my usage, but everything I tried came to a dead end requiring the "Account Number" from my bill... OK, it's a new service, I won't have a bill until the end of the month, but fine, I'll let it slide and hope I don't go over my usage allowance. Almost 2 months later, I get my first bill, actually, an overdue notice because the bills never got to me. It would appear you have taken it on yourself to modify the address I gave you to ensure the postman gets utterly confused. But, oh glory, I now have an Account Number. Quickly onto your wonderful app to register that account number, and it just fails. Everytime it says an error has occurred and gives me a link to your 24/7 chat. The 24/7 chat link is broken, it also errors out. Onto your phone support, 8 phone calls later and I finally came to the conclusion that there is actually nobody working at your call centers, just an infuriating AI that insists of sending me text messages that have nothing to do with my issue. Indeed, my issue is a bit unusual, I need to TALK TO A HUMAN BEING.

So.. what now Telstra? How are you going to resolve YOUR issue.

God, I hate you so much.

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Re: How do I link my service to My Telstra?

Hello? Anybody here? Or is this just another void to fool customers into thinking you give a damn?

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Re: How do I link my service to My Telstra?

Hey @CaptainVenilia


Hope you were able to get this sorted. 


In future, try these trouble shooting steps:


My Account

  • Check you have a working internet connection
  • Try opening a browser to visit a website (Try with different browser type)
  • Clear cookies and cache
  • If you haven’t logged in issue using your Telstra ID Username, you’ll need to try and connect to the Telstra mobile network and turn off Wi-Fi to verify any wifi network issue.
  • Make sure your Telstra ID Username and password are correct
  • There may be technical issues connecting to Telstra - if this happens, wait a few minutes then try again
  • My Account automatically locks you out of your Telstra ID Username if you enter the incorrect password three times in a row
  • If you’re unsure of your Telstra ID login details, follow the forgotten password or forgotten username ( )  process

My Telstra App


  •  Try logging out of the app
  •  Uninstall and reinstall
  • Update the software version for the handset
  • Make sure cookies are enabled


If you're still unable to access My Account after completing the above steps you'll need to reach out to our billing specialists to raise an IT fault. Right now, the quickest way to speak to a person at Telstra (aside from me) is through the My Telstra App. Once in the chat, the virtual assistant will ask you a few questions before asking a team member to contact you. More info about how that works here;


Alternatively, you can reach out to our team using this link;

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Re: How do I link my service to My Telstra?

I couldn't agree with you more. Telstra customer service leaves a lot to be desired.  I have also spent many hours on their webpage trying to talk to a human being and resolve my issue.  I even went to a Telstra shop to see if they could help, but guess what, they directed me to the web page.  I even submitted comments regarding their poor service and how frustrating it was trying to rectify my problem.  But I never received any acknowledgment.  I guess they need more competition from other providers to make them appreciate and care for their existing customers.

Come on Telstra, many companies offer or have returned to the personal touch.  Why? because it's good for business and keeps loyal customers.

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