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I need help

I am not a techie person ,  I am working from home and using my phone hotspot to access my work surface pro , I have a contact for a an iPhone and ipad with a set amount to pay per month , if I go over my data limit , its supposed to just go to a slower response , but while I have been working from home and using my hotspot to connect my surface pro , once my data limit has been used Telstra is auto charging me 10$ per 1gb added up to 10 of these and adding the extra $100 to my bill . 

My question is I would rather just go to the slower speed than pay an extra $100 for 10gb , how do I fix this ?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: I need help

That would depend on what plan you are on. The current plans all throttle rather than charge the $10 per GB. The old plans got changed slightly about 6 months ago in that instead of charging $10 per GB ad infinitum, it would charge a maximum of $100 and then throttle.

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