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Iphone 5s, using celluar data while connected to wifi network

upgraded 2 Iphone 4's mobiles to Iphone 5s in November 2013, under a new 2 year contract, since the change of service, the data usage has increased. Issue seems to be using Celluar data, although the phone is connected to a wifi network at home address. the telstra billing constantly shows that cellular data is being used at the same time as the mobile being connected to the wifi

Have been to 4 Telstra shops in Adelaide with the issue, 2 say they have never heard of the issue, the other 2 stores say it's very common

Taken the mobiles back the the Apple store, Apple advises that there is no issue with the phone,  it is a Telstra issue


Have seen the Verizon update out of the USA from September 2012



anybody having the same issues?



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Re: Iphone 5s, using celluar data while connected to wifi network



You will have to go into settings and under cellular data, turn off data roaming and data itself. If you're using your wifi connection I would suggest still turning data off in the settings. You may need to adjust some of the settings for each app in the settings because if they're allowed cellular data which in default is selected as on, will need to be turned off if not used much. 

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