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Is this a scam?

I have received a text message saying that my Call balance has been used up, and to recharge by visiting  or at https// My Telstra account shows that I have several hundreds of minutes remaining. Are these genuine Telstra addresses or is it a scam? 


I asked the same question to the Telstra online chat thing, but it couldn't understand the point of my question.

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Re: Is this a scam?

Hi @Ernieathome 


The link is legitimate. But I always recommend that no matter were it looks like it comes from go to the source directly without using a link in an SMS and check to see if it is showing the correct information.


In your case, it would be pointing you to log into you Telstra account and review.


At times Telstra system generate auto SMS that are incorrect. If your call balance is ok, then just ignore the SMS.

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