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Massive increase in 4G data usage


Over last few years my average data usage has been less than 50GB a month.

I recently got a Telstra 4G data sim and in the last 2 days have apparently used 60GB, which is a third of my monthly allowance of 200GB. 

My internet habits remain unchanged- there are no apps syncing to the cloud. Usage was browsing on chrome, plus 1 hour streaming and 1 hour zoom calls (this would use max of 5GB). 

This morning I have already used 1GB according to the data usage tool on the app, despite me not downloading anything, and just using browsing on the chrome browser for 30 minutes. 

Im trying to problem solve this massive surge in data usage despite not having changed internet habits. The 4G sim is in a modem that is connected to a 4G antennae as I live on a rural property. 

The download speeds at the modem are very high (around 60 MBS) and uploads are quite normal (3-4 MBS). 

At first I thought It must be the modem "sucking" data but have run a test overnight with no devices on and there was no data usage. 

Does anyone have any ideas how this may happen and what to do about it? There is no way I could use 60GB in 2 days. thanks

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