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I have a issue with my data last month and this month I'm on 20gb a month and massive amounts of data is being used somehow when I'm not using that amount, example my  app on Telstra and on my phone app says I used 11.88gb of 20gb, I added up all the apps that use the data and it totals about 5gb where has the rest of it gone I've got data sava on, uninstalled apps, turned background usage off on apps, reset, etc. I have s10plus is it a phone issue or Telstra ripping me off some how, is something I'm missing I never had this issue before till January, in the past year I average like 8 to 10gb a month of data usage. Now I'm blasting past 20gb and getting charged for it.

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Re: Mobile data

I have the same problem - took the Ist free top which then showed as having taken two. Data top up needed on 24/1 (new billing period starts 4/2). Have now exceeded 200gb and its only 16/2

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