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Mobile Protect

With Mobile Protect, rather than limiting the access to blocking days and times, can you set a limit on how much data is used?


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Re: Mobile Protect

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Unfortunately, no. It only allows you to do the following:



  • Block unwanted calls or callers, texts or texters made over the Telstra Mobile Network – Manage a list of numbers kids can call, text or be called and text by on their phone.
  • Set up a safe list of numbers and websites – Choose numbers that can always be accessed.
  • Manage the time kids can spend online and making calls – Place time-of-day limits on web browsing and phone calls so they have distraction-free homework periods and internet-free bedtimes.
  • Choose the mobile web content which can be accessed – Mobile Protect allows parents to select internet browsing profiles that are tailored for young children and teens that permit some sites, while blocking adult-oriented content.


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