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Mobile Shared Data Use - Streaming vs Browsing Restrictions

My 16yo is chewing up all our data sharing allowance by streaming Apple Music but ultimately by streaming YouTube videos. I have restricted his internet usage via the Telstra Mobile Protect feature in My Account Online but this only appears to restrict 'browsing' and so data is being used I assume due to streaming. Is there anyway to stop the data being used or stop the automatic 1GB Extra Data that is applied and just stop internet altogether is allowance is used?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile Shared Data Use - Streaming vs Browsing Restrictions

My daughter does the same thing but I don't use the Telstra Mobile Protect Feature.


She has copped what can only be described as a Growling (I growl very effectively), and is on her last warning.


Depending on the model of phone, you can set the phone to limit the data usage to a certain number of MB each month. So you could set it to stop using mobile data say 10% before the allowance. It doesn't stop them from changing the setting, but you will know if they have and can take furhter action (like charging them for the data).

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