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Nighthawk 4gx MR1100 data over limit usage

I really don't understand how did I use so much data in such a short time since The 4gx modem only have one device which is my ps4 connect to it and I only play one ps4 game online and occasionally a ps4 update which is around <500mb and usually happen once every two months plus the game update itself.. This is basically all my onlin activity for this internet plan..I noticed even the data on the modem shows a 90MB increase in data after I played an online match in game which lasted less than two min also checking a players's online profile had used my 10MB data which I can't believe it actually use such amount data...The plan only has a 10 GB data limit but now it's already over limit w/ 12.5gb and it's still climbing @ quickly. This only happened from recent months..Last year when I just received this plan I have never used over 7gb data limit w/ my parents for each months for ~3 months and now The data usage is going up too quick and I haven't been using internet any different than in past..Plz I need answer for it

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Nighthawk 4gx MR1100 data over limit usage



Thanks for reaching out.

To help assist further we would need to access your account and details.


Unfortunately we are unable to do this via this platform due to privacy and security reasons.


In this instance I would recommend getting in touch with our live chat team via: https://www.telstra.com.au/chatnow/landing from here they can access your account securely and help see what has happened.


Please keep us posted with the outcome after speaking with them.


- Stef

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