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Nighthawk M1 Excessive Data Usage

I purchased the Nighthawk M1 in May to replace an older Telstra (Sierra Wireles) 4G Modem.


I now wish that I hadn't, as every time I turn it on Telstra claims that it literally gobbles up data.


I now have no iPads or phones on wi fi connected  to it and all photo streaming and cloud storage etc is turned off. The only automatic updates are Windows 10 (as they can not be turned off) but I keep a close eye on when they are happening.. The computer has been fully scanned for viruses and malware with noting found.


The other day I did download a 3,2GB programme and at the end of that It showed 7.2GB used.


I am now afraid to turn on the Nighthawk M1 as a 10 minute check of emails with no videos or downloads usually consumes 3-400mbs.  All in all about 4 times the older modems use, and it had all of the othe devices conected and turned on.


Can the sim card from the Nighthawk M1 be tranfered to the older Sierra Wireless 4G modem and work from that?


Is the Sierra Wireless 4G modem locked to Telstra?


I see many such complaints on the Crowd Support Site.  Is Telstra doing something about this situation with the Nighthawk M1?


I can not go on paying $10 per GB every 30 minutes of use.


I will have to find a serviceable alternative.

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Re: Nighthawk M1 Excessive Data Usage

Excessive data usage is really a big issue because you will be charged $10 for Extra 1GB. I would suggest to set up a new password on the new device because might be there are unknown devices that is automatically connected everytime you turn on your device. Actually you can check how many devices are connected on that M1 Nighthawk. Do not provide the password to anyone then after that  monitor your data usage activity if there is a change. If you need assistance how to set up or update the password you can call 132200.

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Re: Nighthawk M1 Excessive Data Usage

I have been having the same problem. I have tried to find in Telstra documentation what the minimum data block size is. At a meeting on Friday night an IT guy told me it is 128mb. If that is the case that will explain the rapid use of your data, not due to the speed of the device but every time your device for example check your email, you will use 128mb even if there is no email to download.


RIDICULOUS. Very devious on Telstra's part.

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Re: Nighthawk M1 Excessive Data Usage

Yes indeed!  This looks like what is happenning. (Data use logged in 128mb minimum blocks regardless of actual data used)


In the meantime I have been tethering my phone to my computer and have found that my normal use is about 10% of that allegedly used by the Nighthawk M1.


If devious Telstra are not going to rectify this situation, the only solution will be one not involving Telstra!

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Re: Nighthawk M1 Excessive Data Usage



Same Problem.


Absolute furious with Telstra.     Now have a modem I can t use because every 10 to  15 minutes it uses a Gig which costs me an extra $10. No video, no youtube, just facebook, emails, banking and other non streaming stuff.   They are trying to blame Windows 10 but when I used my mums modem it doesn't happen.


I have had the modem 1 week


They wont let me out of the contract even though this product is NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS BOUGHT - which is in contradiction to the fair trading act.


I think this will end up at VCAT



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