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Phone Data Usage doesn't match Telstra Usage

Telstra is telling me I've used 16.5gig of data while my android phone says 12gig.

I'm sure there can be variations but that's unacceptable.

Anyone else found this?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Phone Data Usage doesn't match Telstra Usage

Hi @Campey,


We have had reports from many other customers over the past couple of years and have conducted full reviews of our usage recording systems/processes from end to end.

No systemic issue was found with the way that we record/monitor customers usage.

This is not to say that there are never issues with usage recording, no system is perfect, but these are very uncommon and in almost all cases the issue is actually an unknown or unused feature on the connected devices.


I'd personally recommend keeping an eye on your usage via My Account  http://tel.st/cpyn & our 24x7 app http://tel.st/app as it is updated within 48 hours however data is usually current as of about 15mins ago


Third party applications will not take into account unmetered usage


Unexpected or high data usage can be concerning however there is an opportunity for your usage to increase without you changing your behaviour at all. This is because many new device features can use data in the background, usually to provide you with a better browsing/playing/user experience.


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