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Prepaid Data usage

I have been with telstra and the same prepaid number for about 10yrs now and my data usage for online gaming has multiplied out of site in the last 6 mnths, so much so that I used to get a $50 recharge and most of the time I would get 4 weeks usage, sometimes 3 weeks if I was gaming hard out. I have been on chat so many times and get the same company feedback responses over and over, iv been told that they will realign my sim, that Tech experts have looked into my account and cant see any issues or usage problems, to the point where I have said to them it would be cheaper to be downloading porn, yet Now days with everything the same(and no it's not cause iIhave been downloading porn) and nothing wrong with my account apparently i have used 3 x $50 prepaid recharges this month and a $30 recharge two days ago and I have used 2.5 g in two days, absolutely ripping me I don't even have a social media account not 1, nor do I need to be told by telstra that it's normal charges has anyone else seen this ridiculous data increase or can anyone tell me how to fix it or what the problem is cause I have had enough of telstra not doing anything or even explaining why it's increased so much but they keep telling me that it hasn't changed 

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Re: Prepaid Data usage

In your phone settings does it tell you any app or services using larger amounts of data?
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