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Qld Checkin App High mobile data usage

Recently have noticed that each time I use the Qld Checkin App I'm using almost 29MB of data, which is taking me over my monthly data allowance.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no effect.

I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro.

My spouse has a Samsung Galaxy S5 and is not experiencing the same issue - her usage is only several KB for each usage.

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Re: Qld Checkin App High mobile data usage

It definitely should only be a few KB for each usage. 29MB is excessive.


There were reports of a similar problem with the Qld Checkin app a while ago.


My suggestion would be to send an email to support@smartservice.qld.gov.au


Give them the model number of your phone (probably SM-J250G and can be found under Settings-About Phone) and the firmware version (probably J250GDXU3AUG1 and can be found under Settings-About Phone-Software information-Build Number) as well as the version number of the app.

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Re: Qld Checkin App High mobile data usage

Thanks for your reply,

I have done what you have suggested and have also raised the issue with the minister, as it appears to be a systemic issue. I have yet to receive a reply.



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Re: Qld Checkin App High mobile data usage

This is the response I've received frp Qld Govt.:-


Hi Les,

Thank you for contacting the Queensland Government regarding the Check in Qld app.

We apologise for the late response to your email. The rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 has significantly impacted our ability to respond promptly.  

The Check in Qld app should not normally use such a large amount of data, there are though several variables that can impact how much data is used. This can be affected by your device type, operating system, phone service provider, the use of any VPNs (virtual proxy networks) and the strength of your mobile connection at the time. Additionally, if the app is deleted and re-installed or the cache is cleared this will mean the app’s cache file is downloaded again and may result in a higher than expected amount of data to be used. We recommend checking your devices settings to ensure these are not impacting the data usage, such as any settings or faults that may be automatically or erroneously clearing the cache.

In order for the offline check-in function to work, a cache file is downloaded and stored on your device. If this is not storing correctly on your device for the app to access this information, it could prevent the offline check in function from working correctly which could possibly be the cause of the high data usage you have also experienced.

To troubleshoot any possible issues regarding the storage of this cache file you may need to contact your device manufacturer for device specific support, a link to Samsung’s support website can be found below:

Product Help & Support | Samsung Australia 

Alternatively, use of the Check in Qld app is voluntary for customers; if you would prefer, you are able to manually check in with any venues you attend. When entering a business that requires use of the Check in Qld app, let the staff at the venue know you do not have the app and they can record your details for you using the business profile. You will need to ensure the Check in Qld app has been completely uninstalled from your device to prevent any background mobile data usage. If you are attending a venue with someone else you are also able to be added as a guest to their check-in.

If you require more information, you can phone 134 COVID (13 42 68) or visit the Queensland Government website (www.covid19.qld.gov.au).


Customer Contact
Smart Service Queensland
Website: www.qld.gov.au 
Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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